Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Since my son was born, I always refered to him as "my little frog."  It only seemed fitting to name my newest Esty shop after him, and have a frog themed 1st birthday party.  Even though the party was seven months ago, I wanted to share the pictures. 
 I insisted I was going to keep the party simple, that all changed once I started browsing party ideas on Pinterest.  I tried out fondant for the first time, and loved it. Even though I didn't expect a 90degree humid day in September, which led to me learning humidity and fondant do not mix.  And of course we had cupcakes, in my mind no party is complete without them.
 Everyone had a wonderful time, and my little frog enjoyed himself, and that is the most important part.

I love collecting cake stands, they make perfect cupcake stands.  They don't even have to match, the more colorful the better!

I had so much decorating the cake and cupcakes.  The little frogs were my favorite, and actually really easy to make.  You can find the tutorial here

Our chalkboard door was the perfect place for everyone to write birthday wishes.

He really loved that cupcake.  I really love those big blue eyes.

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